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Written by: Mike Yang

Next week, the week of July 29, is the Black Hat Conference in Las Vegas. The annual hacker meetup is not your traditional conference. The focus is on the science of hacking – how it works and how to make it harder to do (there are no illusions about stopping it altogether). Like other highly successful events, Black Hat has spawned side events – Defcon is the following weekend and brings together the hacker community; B’Sides focuses on the talks that don’t quite fit at Black Hat. Big week in Vegas.
Pindrop Security will be there in several ways. We’re proud to be partnering with the team at to raise awareness via the 2nd Annual Social Engineering Capture-The-Flag contest at Defcon. Watching a social engineering attack in progress (even one with lots of rules to protect the targets) can be eye-opening in it’s simplicity and and audaciousness. We hope to see you there.
Of course, we’ll also be meeting with researchers, analysts, press and others at the event. If you’d  like to connect, drop us an email and we’ll set up a meeting.
Finally, we’re once again co-hosting a party to wrap-up Black Hat. Join us on August 1 at the Rooftop Skyview Lounge above Jimmy Buffett’s Margaritaville, overlooking the Strip. Check out the ALLinPARTY to register for the best possible way to blow off some steam after Black Hat.
Our adversary is innovative and we must be as well. We hope to see you in Vegas as we work to keep sharp and learn from each other.