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Introducing the Pindrop® Pulse Deepfake Warranty: A First in the Industry

Pindrop is at the forefront of voice security innovation, especially in combating the sophisticated threats introduced by deepfake technology. We’re proud to present the Pindrop® Pulse Deepfake Warranty, a first-of-its-kind warranty to support trust and security in voice communications. This pioneering warranty is part of Pindrop’s commitment to innovation and its customers’ safety, providing reimbursement […]

4 Top Questions Answered on How Passive Authentication Works to Secure Call Centers

We recently hosted a webinar with and Desert Financial Credit Union (DFCU) to discuss better securing call centers in today’s rapidly changing environment. The authentication process can be clunky and time-consuming due to long handle times and excessive security questions. Our integration with equips organizations with passive authentication, taking just 3-5 seconds of […]

How Does Audio Deepfake Detection Work?

Deepfakes pose a serious threat to cybersecurity. Companies are scrambling to protect their customers’ data against such emerging threats. Deepfake detection has become of paramount importance, especially in industries where customer authentication is necessary, such as contact centers.  Given the inherent risks related to identity verification in contact centers, it’s become quite important for organizations […]

Evaluating Your Defense Strategy Against Deepfakes: Top 4 Factors to Prioritize

In the rapidly evolving landscape of cyber threats, the escalating prominence of deepfake attacks demands a comprehensive technical response. As organizations grapple with the complexities of this digital deception, a proactive approach becomes paramount. 1200% That’s the proportion of increase in deepfakes among all fraud types in the US in 1Q 20231. We’re seeing this […]

Pindrop’s Record Breaking Year: Patents in 2022

It all started with the invention of Phoneprinting. In 2011, Pindrop’s founder and now CEO, Vijay Balasubramaniyan, patented this unique technology that broke new ground in contact center fraud detection. Pindrop hasn’t looked back since. Pindrop has reached a new milestone: in 2022, a record number of 30 patents were granted, bringing us to 104 […]

Banking Fraud Investigations – How Do Banks Detect Fraud?

How Do Banks Investigate Unauthorized Transactions & Prevent Fraud? According to the Financial Crime Report Q2 2021, 93% of banking-related fraud happens online. PwC’s Global Economic Crime and Fraud Survey reported that in 2020, 56% of institutions just investigated the worst fraud incident they’d ever seen. As daunting as these numbers are, we expect them […]

Emerging AI Bots in your Contact Center – Deepfakes Are Next

There’s been interesting news recently on conversational AI bots being utilized by platforms like DoNotPay, Ideta, or the sassier Jolly Roger Telephone Co. These services can be used to call inbound to a contact center to dispute bills and charges, engage with customers, or even frustrate telemarketers on your behalf. While this is exciting for […]

Pindrop’s Latest Technology Changes the Game for Caller Authentication

In 2020, Pindrop acquired New-York based company, Next Caller Inc., and with it, the VeriCall® Technology—a best-in-class phone number (ANI) validation and spoof detection service.  VeriCall technology is responsible for helping to streamline the call experience for customers of the country’s largest brands. The solution provides near real-time caller ID intelligence to remove friction during […]

STIR/SHAKEN is Not Call Authentication

In June of 2021, an FCC mandate went into effect requiring voice service providers to implement STIR/SHAKEN protocols. No, that isn’t a government-mandated happy hour at Verizon and AT&T headquarters. Instead, the rather long-winded acronym (Secure Telephone Identity Revisited/Signature-based Handling of Asserted Information Using toKENs) took aim at a simple goal: stop spam calls! We’ve […]