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August 29, 2014 – The Week in Phone Fraud

This week in phone fraud saw multiple reports of the “One Ring” scam popping up across the US. Additionally, a Harris survey found that Americans lost $8.6 billion to phone fraud in the last year.

On Tuesday in Fresno, CA, ABC 30 first reported of the popular “One Ring” scam’s emergence in the area. The One Ring scammers call their victims and let the phone ring once before hanging up, prompting a missed call notification. When the victim calls back, they are charged hefty per-minute charges on top of an international rate fee. Reports of this scam also appeared in Virginia on the same day.

On Wednesday, The Today Show covered a recent Harris survey that found Americans lost $8.6 billion to phone fraud last year. The survey also revealed that men are more susceptible to phone fraud than women. More than half of the respondents also said they either never (33%) or rarely (21%) checked their phone bill to spot potential fraud.

Full Breakdown of This Week’s Phone Fraud News

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The Augusta Chronicle: Kelvin Collins: Scammers now targeting utility customers – August 24, 2014

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