Block Unwanted Calls with Phone Reputation Service

The most complete database of spam phone numbers and robo dialers available today

US Businesses Waste 20 Million Hours Per Year Answering Unwanted Calls

Studies show that US businesses spend over 20 million hours answering unwanted phone calls every year. That’s nearly half a billion dollars of productivity wasted. Unlike consumers, businesses don’t have the option to register with the FTC’s National Do Not Call Registry. That’s why Pindrop created the Phone Reputation Service (PRS). With PRS, we’ve amassed the world’s largest and most accurate database of information on phone fraudsters, telemarketers, spammers, robocallers, calling services, and more.


Block robocalls with PRSStop Spending Time & Money Answering Robocalls

Pindrop’s Phone Reputation Service blocks unwanted calls.

Our Phone Reputation Service (PRS) assigns each incoming phone number a risk score based on factors like complaint history, device type, and service provider. You set a custom risk score threshold for calls, and use PRS to effectively block robocalls or calls from auto dialers, calling services, and spammers.

Our customers report True Detection Rates (TDR) of nearly 80%.


How the Phone Reputation Service Works to Stop Unwanted Calls

The PRS database actively combines exhaustive data from multiple sources to build the world’s largest record of phone number reputations. PRS phone number data sources include:

  • Enterprise Call Centers – The Pindrop Data Consortium gathers data from over 100 million call center calls to provide phone numbers associated with unwanted calls.
  • Attack Data – We collect spam numbers from robo-dialers and automated calling systems using phone honeypots and email spam traps.
  • Complaint Collectors – We aggregate data from FTC complaints as well as hundreds of other complaint sites, online communities and web forums on suspicious numbers.

Customize Your Protection

PRS seamlessly integrates into your phone system

CallCenterPersonPindrop Security’s Phone Reputation Service can be accessed via a web-based portal, or integrated directly into your existing phone system. With PRS unwanted call blocking, you create custom rules and alerts based on the criteria that are important to your business.

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