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Do You Know Who’s Really Calling?

Too often airlines and other travel call centers take a rules- based approach to phone channel security. Fraud detection is centered around looking for suspicious transactions – last minute bookings, premium seats, and high-cost destinations.

These strategies are ineffective for two reasons. First, business travelers often make the same types of reservations as criminals, for last minute and expensive flights and accommodations. These are some of the call center’s most profitable interactions. Second, criminals quickly learn these rules and work around them.

Protect Your Contact Centers

Pindrop solutions protect airline and travel industry enterprise call centers by combining authentication and anti-fraud detection technology to assess caller identity while detecting malicious callers. With Pindrop, call centers can:


cnp-blueREDUCE CHARGEBACKS: Pindrop detects suspicious callers who are most likely to commit Card Not Present (CNP) fraud, making reservations using stolen credit cards.


experience-blueIMPROVE CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE: Travelers contact the call center with their more complicated issues. With Pindrop, call centers reduce time spent on frustrating authentication processes, letting agents get straight to solving the problem.


account-bluePROTECT LOYALTY ACCOUNTS: Criminals take over travel and airline loyalty accounts to cash out on customer’s accumulated points or miles. Pindrop identifies these callers during the early reconnaissance phases of the attack.


public-safety-blueSAFEGUARD PASSENGERS: Call centers must be certain that the person they are selling a reservation for is the actual traveler. Pindrop confirms your real customers and flags callers who are using the phone channel to hide their true identity.

Identity Assessment + Fraud Detection

Smart Call Center Solutions

Pindrop solutions combine customer authentication and fraud detection for a uniquely smart call center solution that can tell you whether a caller is who they say they are. Until now, call centers have been forced to apply the same level of security to each incoming
call. This method is expensive, frustrating for customers, and ineffective at stopping fraud.

Pindrop scores calls according to risk associated with the audio characteristics, geo- location, phone number reputation, and other factors. Within 30 seconds of the start of the call, the agent is shown a pop-up window displaying risk score and custom instructions for how to authenticate the call.

This allows CSRs to assess the true identity of callers, reducing authentication processes for low risk callers, cutting up to 20 seconds off the time of each. At the same time, high risk callers can be subject to greatly increased scrutiny, reducing fraud by 80%.

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